How We Make Money

This question is something that everyone wonders when they land on any website and something that we are very passionate about. Our readers here at Money Monarch are why we spend time writing, researching, and putting out the very best content that we can to provide the finance education that you need. Our goal is to be transparent in the way the website works while at the same time adding value to your lives.

How Does Money Monarch Make Money?

We partner with companies and advertisers that share the same common goal of helping out readers financially succeed. These partners range anywhere from apps, banks, eCommerce platforms, and companies that work in the financial sector.

When you are reading through content on Money Monarch and click on one of the links from a company or advertiser that we have partnered with and then decide to complete an offer such as purchasing, opening an account, or any other triggering action, we may earn a small commission from that advertiser. This all happens without any extra cost to you the reader. Sometimes, you may receive an exclusive promotion simply because one of our partners wants to do business with readers of Money Monarch.

Our goal is not to promote every product that comes our way. Our goal is to inform our readers and help them make smart financial decisions that will better their financial future. For this reason, we only promote products which we think fit this criteria.

Can I Trust Money Monarch Reviews?

Excellent question! You are right to wonder if the reviews and content are biased or trying to influence you into making a decision. That being said, even though some of the companies and products we review provides a means for the site to make money, this does not, and will not interfere with our research and editorial approach to providing the in depth information that we offer.

Money Monarch writes reviews about products because of partnerships or affiliate agreements with those respective companies. However, we do not allow third party compensation to affect our editorial process and due diligence. If we are reviewing a product, no matter what we are compensated for our work, and find that the product does not provide the best value or is not in the best interest of any of our readers, we will make sure to include that in our review. Promoting something that would direct our readers away from financial success is not something we do, and not why we started Money Monarch in the first place.

As an example, when we are reviewing what we believe to be the best places to invest your money, we advise our readers to first assess their finances, have a budget in place, create a plan to pay off debt, and overall get their finances in order before engaging in investing activity. This is what we do and how we serve our audience.

Who Is Behind Money Monarch?

Money Monarch is made up of a team of personal finance experts and people who have taken control of their lives through smart financial decisions. The team writes about what they are passionate about such as companies and technologies that help improve our lives, financial products that simplify money and money management, and educational content to help you better understand financial “lingo” that is often tossed around.

We do all of this to inform our millions of readers about money and why it does not need to be a stressful journey. After all, what truly matters in life should not always be about money and financial education can make everything a little easier.

Make sure to check out our about page to see who is working behind the scenes to help you crush your financial goals!

Wrapping It Up

From the very beginning, our readers have been the most important aspect of running Money Monarch and will continue to be the focus. We value you and the time you spend with us so we work hard to deliver the financial education you desire so you can lead your best life.